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‼ friends only.

Just what it says. This is my personal journal and it's friends only!

If you would like to see my graphics, please go to likespotatoes. (Also please note that I am not actively making icons and whatnot anymore, but I'll keep the link here for now.)

I love making friends though. If you'd like to be friends with me, please leave a comment below. Chances are I'll add you back, if we have enough interests in common and stuffs. I don't bite!

Friends only banner made by me.
Dr. Horrible - careful now.

‼ important... ish...

Massive friends cut.

If you wanted to remain a friend and see my entries, comment here and I'll add you again.

Also if you don't have the particular desire to see my entries (but still have me friended) please de-friend me. I have a forest of blue arrows on my manage friends page and it's making it harder to navigate.

Also please note that I am not actively making icons/writing fic/drawing fanart and whatnot anymore, so there's really no reason to keep watching me for those. For art&photography, please head to my DeviantART instead.
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I call the cutest thing in the world, wouldn't you say?

And he's all mine!

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His name is Spencer and he's a Luts CP Juri 06 on Fdoll body. (Eyes: grey, glass, from Luts, and wig: white, mohair, from Crobidoll. Faceup is by me.) That wig is actually not his (the style is right but it's supposed to be green), but at least he has a wig.

Those clothes are totally uncharacteristic for him but uhm 8D he was going around naked so we raided the house and found old doll clothes (the dolls we played with when we were kids, that is.) Thankfully, some of them fit, and I stole them until I can get some other clothes for him.

...plus, he looks really cute in them.
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BJD MEETING @ JKL 16.07.10.


I went to Jyväskylä yesterday to meet some BJD people and since photobucket hates me (specifically, the album system hates me. pls to be letting me put a password on an album, PLZ? no? ... fuck you.) so uh. Guess my flist gets a taste of Finnish BJD goodness as well.

Thank everyone at the meeting ♥ It was lovely.

Narration in Finnish.

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‼ friends cut

Friends cut!

If you've been removed from my friend list and feel that you should still be on it, ping me - by commenting here, or PMing, or whatever you're comfortable with, really.

Also, people who may have friended me for icons and stuff, I suggest you head over to likespotatoes instead. idk if there are any people like that though. Well just in case.
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‼ more icons?

So I thought I'd just post these since I've made some icons and colorings and stuff (I also had a few wallpapers, but even though I sort of like them, I'm unable to post them because photobucket is being a prick. Maybe some other time.)

¤ Pandora Hearts
[85] icons

[4] Alice
[17] Break
[40] Reo
[3] Sharon
[21] Group&Other

+ [11] banners&coloring

[2] Alice
[1] Break
[8] Group

i. ii. iii.

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Thank you very much~ ♥
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‼ icons! ♫

How long has it been? ♫

Most of these are old crap, but I thought I'd post them anyway ♥ Enjoy.

¤ D.Gray-man
[10] Allen
[04] Kanda
[13] Klaud Nine
[40] Lenalee
[15] Level 4
[25] Marie
[08] Others&Group

¤ Disney's Treasure Planet
[07] Jim
[02] Jim&Silver

¤ Fairy Cube
[07] Isaiah

¤ Pandora Hearts
[10] Break
[06] Break&Liam
[02] Gil&Vincent

[149] TOTAL

i. ii. iii.

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Thank you very much~ ♥